Friday, July 30, 2010

Powder Room

So after the big living room project, we'll be closing in on the finish line.

All of the projects we have left are things that we will either have to hire a pro for (new carpet) or we just have to pick out (new dining room table). We do have to replace the tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, but that's a job that will probably wait until we replace the carpet, so we can be sure that the floors throughout the house can coordinate.

But once the living room/dining room/staircase is painted and put back together (and the trim. ugh), painting/reno will be almost complete.

In fact, the only room we'll have left after we finish the largest space in the house, is the smallest space in the house. And one of my favorites, the powder room.

This room is tiny, I could guess about 15 square feet. It contains a small vanity, a toilet and some shelving on the walls. And maroon formica. But for some reason, I love it. I just love the feeling of being in a small space.

Now, it is nearly impossible to capture such a small space on film, but here it was before we bought the place. It looks much the same now, except the sink is usually filled with drying paintbrushes (this is our "dirty sink"). And the front piece of the formica is ripped off, thanks to my clumsiness.

ds-1030 013

The previous owners of our house seemed to have a penchant for putting wall anchors everywhere except where they were actually needed. So, we have random ones all over the wall, where they were apparently required to hold photo frames.

But behind curtains rods? Nope, just a giant painted over nail holding it up.

And every towel bar, toilet paper holder, or hook, even the tiny ones meant to hold our car keys by the back door, is not held up by an anchor, oh no. Instead, they just nailed a piece of wood to the wall and secured them to that.

We dealt with it in our master bath by painting these odd rails a contrasting color. I like that look a lot, but I don't want to repeat it in the powder room.

quickie light 013

And since we scored an old sewing table that we want to convert to a vanity for just $20, we'll probably do some damage to those walls anyway when we rip out the old one. I've been trying to decide whether resurfacing the walls was worth it, but luckily I came across these amazing photos from Design Sponge.

Beadboard it is! Didn't Andrea and Nathan do an absolutely incredible job in there? I love all of the black and white details.

We'll bring our beadboard up a little higher (probably 60 ish inches) to play up how tall the ceilings are. And since it's such a small room, we'll choose a wallpaper that's more white than black. Right now, I have my heart set on the Blackbird wallpaper from Walnut Wallpaper (in the white and black colorway, although this Kraft one is gorgeous too).

But I'd also be perfectly happy with this one from Marimekko.

Then, we'll put up crisp, white crown molding and paint the ceilings gray. We'll bring in a white vessel sink and a hopefully black faucet, and lots of brass accents. I truly can't wait to make this little gem shine!