Sunday, July 11, 2010

Post Along Project: The Porch is Done!

After sewing the hook and loop closures on the futon cover, and taking everything outside, the porch has gone from drab to colorful!

Before, our porch had some bright red chairs and yellow walls, but other than that, was lacking in color. The faded black futon cover and the old water damaged printer cart were just depressing.

Over the past two days, I've injected some color, some much needed storage, and a little bit of fun.

New art in white frames can be added to over time.

porch 013

Brighter, more graphic throw pillows up the fun factor, and the navy blue futon cover in an outdoor fabric brings in color that will resist fading over time.

porch 010

porch 012

porch 011

A newly blue baker's rack holds shoes, garden tools, and my ever growing philodendron.

porch 009

We added a clock for a pop of red, and finally, the exterior doors are painted, and no longer disgusting.

porch 007

I'm so happy that such small changes have made a big difference in the feeling of our back porch.

porch 006

porch 008

Now I've just got to pick a rug (and buy it) and this room will be DONE!