Sunday, July 11, 2010

Almost done!

Yesterday afternoon, I was able to repot my new plants, paint an old toolbox red, and hang up the art on the porch (as well as a red clock we bought in February and haven't found a home for.

I also knocked out three pillow covers for the futon.

porch 001

We relaxed most of the afternoon. Did some shopping, watched a couple of episodes of X-Files and The West Wing and had an easy dinner. While we were watching TV, I started to pin the futon cover, and I decided to go ahead and stitch it before I forgot how it was supposed to be put together!

All I have to do now is sew the hook and loop closures onto the flap and the back.

porch 004

Then this morning, I got up bright and early and took care of my normal Sunday morning grocery/kitchen cleaning routine. Then after a breakfast break, I scraped the paint off of the glass in the doors, swept out the porch, and cleaned the litter boxes. Now, the hubs is on his way home, and we can finish the cover and move it back outside. Then we will hopefully get some afternoon so we can hang out there without melting.