Saturday, July 10, 2010


So the schedule I originally set up for this project? The one I worried was too ambitious?

I'm blowing it out of the water.

I had the baker's rack painted, the art framed, the lawn mowed (after a minor freakout and a call to my husband at work when the mower stopped in the middle of the lawn), and the back door and french doors painted. All before 10 am!

I totally have my thumbs under my non-existent suspenders right now.

Now that I'm showered, I'm going to take a break for some lunch and HGTV. Then I'm going to start on the throw pillows and repot my new plants. I might even arrange the plant stand! When Brett gets home, we'll bring in the futon mattress, so I can cut the fabric into smaller pieces for pre-washing.

Looks like my Saturday will be more productive than I thought!