Saturday, July 10, 2010


So I'm eating breakfast and I've already made some pretty big progress!

Yesterday, I took this art from the living room (we have something else in minf for this spot) and painted the frames white. I used the dregs of a can of spraypaint, and then had to buy another at $3.89.

pantry 001

Then, I used (check out the dingbats!) and to print some art for the low cost of $0. For a project like this, where water in the air is going to be constant, I want something that can be easily replaced.

This morning I cleaned up the frames and put them all together.

pantry 005

I can't wait to see what it looks like hung up.

I also spray painted my baker's rack navy this morning. The dark blue will pop against the yellow walls, and coordinate with the new futon cover.

pantry 006

After breakfast, I've got to get going on the lawn, and paint the porch doors, assuming the rain holds off!