Thursday, August 5, 2010

Post Along Project: Paint

I'll be totally honest here. This is completely about motivating myself to actually start painting the living room/dining room/hall/stairway.

Ugh. It even hurts to type. I actually still have no idea how I'm going to do the stairway ceiling/wall transition. Brett has an idea that includes a paintbrush on a very long stick, but he hasn't adequately explained that one to me yet.

I figure that posting here will help give me the motivation to actually do something! That really worked with the chevron curtains I mentioned last weekend, right?


But I have an excuse. I decided to tackle kitchen lighting instead, which turned into a huge disaster which I have no pictures of because it bled over into the week (and we still haven't put up the new ceiling fan. Yes, we have ceiling fans in the kitchens here in South Lousiana) and we got some great news.

My husband got a big promotion! Yay!

But he'll be working evenings, and since I work 7-4:30, that means we'll only see each other on the weekends. Boo.

So rather than work on the house or take pictures of our beautiful new kitchen light and the new plate that's covering the gaping hole in the ceiling, we concentrated on spending time together.

But this weekend, he'll be training for his new position, so I'm taking advantage of the alone time and starting the great paint of 2010.

The goal for this weekend is to paint the ceiling.

Sounds easy, no? Quit looking at me like that! It's a very big space!

The stretch goal is to finish painting the ceiling and paint the dining room.

We'll see how it goes!

I can't wait until the tan is BANISHED from the house (except for the ghastly tile. Ugh).