Thursday, July 29, 2010

2 for 2

The second manicure I've done since we bought our house?

painting 010

Ruined. This one lasted little longer, at 4 days. Maybe I can pretend I was going for a splatter paint look. At least the colors match, I guess!

But the project you can see in the background was totally worth it.

I know by now you've seen the gorgeous color field painting that's been floating around the blog world. Originally done by The New Domestic, they created a beautiful piece with just a little effort. It's been copied plenty of times over, and I was happy to try my hand at it.

I bought the largest canvas they had at Hobby Lobby, as well as yellow, orange, and white acrylic paint (I already had some black). I also got some 1/4" Art Tape in crepe. Which honestly is pretty much really skinny masking tape.

painting 003

I used almost 2 rolls on a 30x40 canvas, but it will depend on how many lines you want.

painting 001

I used the pattern of The New Domestic painting as a guide, but changed it up a little bit. I just taped lines, making sure to keep the tape as straight as possible, and wrapped it all the way around the back. Then I used my finger to smooth and press down the tape, to try to prevent any seeping.

My canvas had a smudge and a dark spot on it (discount! I saved $5) so I was careful to avoid these areas, since once I removed the tape, I would be looking at bare canvas.

painting 002

It looks kind of cool already!

Then, I mixed my gray paint (black, white, and a teeny tiny bit of yellow) and started painting. Gray first, continuing the paint around the canvas edge. Yellow was up next. The yellow paint wasn't quite as opaque as the other colors, so I had to make sure each yellow piece was VERY clean. Then I moved onto the orange.

painting 004

I love this color so much, and it dried beautifully!

It took me a couple of hours to finish the piece, with a dinner break in the middle. I purposely wanted it to look very much like a painting, so I did one coat and left in some brush strokes. If you want a more saturated look, you may need two coats.

painting 012

I can't wait to pull the tape and hang it up tomorrow!