Monday, December 7, 2009


That's how many colors we currently have on our kitchen walls. Fourteen if you count the primer, but we don't. And when I add up the money spent on paint samples it makes me a little icky (disclaimer: we also painted some we already had from other rooms on in our quest for the perfect color).

First we tried a few yellow-greens and a lovely cream for the cabinets. We also added the colors we considered for the bedroom, but we flip-flopped on the placement. We thought cream walls would be beautiful with blue/gray cabinets.

We liked a couple of them (and we LOVED the cream, but were unsure about the cabinet color) but nothing really moved us. So I stopped in Sherwin Williams on my lunch break one day last week and picked up some more colors.

We liked the lighter blue, but it's a little, well, blue, for cabinets.

And we LOVED the middle color, SW Jogging Path. We loved it so much we weren't willing to pass up having it in our living room. And unfortunately, we really want a different color (or at least a different shade).

So on Sunday, I took the risk of giving my husband an embolism, and got three more samples.

Ding Ding Ding! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! We felt the blueish white was just too white, and we're still not sold on the idea of blue cabinets. And the color on the left was lovely, but just a touch too gray. But the color on the right, lord have mercy we are in love!

It's not an actual SW color. It's a custom mix of Jogging Path and Oyster White, and I'm so glad I had them mix it. It's absolutely perfect. 100% perfect.

Now, to settle the question of whether to put it on the walls or the cabinets. Cross your fingers I can convince Brett to put it on the walls!

I have a vision people, and this color is fitting in just fine.