Sunday, December 27, 2009

One Day More

Today is the last day of my "vacation" and unfortunately, I've got a list about a mile long.

I am still on schedule, I think. so I should be able to have a totally new kitchen (minus backsplash) when I go to bed tonight.

Yesterday, I painted all the trim and doors. Unfortunately, the tape we used was less than great, which means lots of touching up. And speaking of touching up, these little orange squares have become my archest of enemies.

I swear they're multiplying on their own. We used tiny post its to mark spots that need to be touched up, which is good especially for a lighter color (the spots don't really stand out). But it can be disheartening when you see all. those. little. squares while you're bleary eyed and making your cereal.

On top of the touching up, I've got to touch up the porch, reinstall the crown molding and paint it, change out the switches and outlets (except the ones on the backsplash, those will wait until after tile is put up) and clean the heck out of it. Not TOO bad for a day's work.

Yesterday I found the time to do a little shopping, and I hit Target's after Christmas sale. I came home with a few surprised for Brett.

The tree has pinecones in it! and cashmere tips (whatever that means). I would really love to open it right now and look at it but I'm not quite that crazy. Quite.

I also picked up a couple of packs of ornaments, that I think will go better with our new rustic tree. I love the bronze one, and I got the red to work in the red and silver balls we already have.

Our last (actually first of the day) project yesterday was the light above the sink. When we took down the light, the outlet box was barely attached. So we picked up a new "old work" outlet box and set to work. Once the outlet box was in place, we put in our new light.

I'll be honest, this fixture doesn't give off a ton of light. We bought another one for the laundry room and I'm taking it back for something little brighter. But for above the sink, it's just perfect.

Now off to get into my painting clothes, the long day begins!