Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just call me Holly Hobby

I'm a little sappy. Okay, maybe a lot sappy.

So when my husband was cleaning out his wallet the other day, and he came upon a folded up piece of paper and smiled at what was on it, I pounced. I unfolded it and saw...

A credit card receipt. Okay?

But then I looked a little closer at the date. May 21, 2008. And the merchant. Shelby County Clerk.

It was the receipt from our marriage license! So sweet that he's hung on to it for a year and a half, right? But now that I knew we had it, I didn't want it to sit in his wallet and disintegrate. So while grocery shopping this morning, I picked up an odd size frame and a kraft paper bag (it was cheaper than a roll of kraft paper) and set to work.

I started with a frame that was the perfect proportion, but it had a mat for two pictures that were totally the wrong shape.

So I took the mat out, laid it on the kraft bag, and traced a rectangle a bit larger.

Then I cut it out, chose which side of the paper I wanted (one side was slightly darker), and laid the mat down on the wrong side of the paper. Then I just used double stick tape to TIGHTLY stick the paper to the mat.

Voila! Now you've got a pretty background for your object to pop against.

Then, just use a bit of double stick tape and affix the object centered on the card. I didn't center it top to bottom, because I had plans for a little something on the bottom. Then put it back in the frame and there you have it, an original piece of art with meaning for you and your family.