Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back to Work

And I got ALMOST everything that I planned done. Almost.

The touching up is done. And I'm so happy to have washed my painting clothes. I also touched up the porch (two months late) and cleaned up the excess screening a bit. Then I got frustrated and went out for a little retail therapy. I had to return a light to Lowe's and pick up a few things, and grocery shop at Target. I left Target with not only groceries, but some new white flour sack towels and bar mops, plus an iron organizer. I also had some store credit at Bed Bath and Beyond burning a hole in my wallet, so I headed over to see what I could find.

I've had my eye on a set of magnetic spice jars for a while now, so I planned to get a set of those and a magnetic strip. But I found that the ones at BBB were $3 per tin. Plus $17 for the magnetic strip!

I've seen similar jars at World Market for $1 each, so I passed on those. I figure I can save myself the $2 a piece and put the magnet on myself!

But since I still had that store credit, I took a trip around the store to see what I found. I was so excited to see this kitchen towel holder (my new drawer pulls don't hold a kitchen towel like my old ones did), and picked up a couple of sets of kitchen towels and a cute Christmas ornament on clearance.

But when I got home, I was NOT happy with the colors of the towels. The taupe and green, which were so pretty in the store, looked drab and sad in the kitchen. So after a few minutes spent cleaning, I set out again. I finally found ONE set of kitchen towels I liked at Stein Mart, but I will definitely be keeping an eye out.

After I got home and made a real dinner for the first time in over a week (mmm, spaghetti!) we decided it was the perfect time to work on the outlets. At 7:00. A week after the shortest day of the year. Yeah.

But we got it done, trading off the good flashlight and my phone. I thought we would never get that last outlet in. But we now have bright, white, beautiful, right side up outlets and switches in not one, but THREE rooms of the house!

The one thing we didn't get done? The crown molding. But next week is another three day weekend, so we'll get it done. Maybe I'll even convince Brett to put crown molding in the laundry room!

But let's look at what about one week of work and about $1000 gave us (the majority of that going to the counter tops).

We went from an island paradise:

To a bright, white, neutral delight: