Monday, December 28, 2009

So excited!

About my newest purchase. I've been googling like a mad woman, trying to find something interesting for the huge, blank, kitchen wall.

Oof. That's a lot of space.

So what started my google frenzy? This gorgeous clock from etsy seller faire houre.

But at $41 (and now sold out), it was too rich for my blood. Or maybe not, but I wanted to make sure I was getting a great deal. So I started searching for plate clocks, which led me here.

Hey, I can do that!

So I started searching for a plate I wanted to use. I checked all the usual suspects, but was feeling uninspired. I almost broke down and bought this plate from Lenox.

Beautiful, right? But it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I wanted more whimsy, and I wasn't totally sure about the colors. I was really loving the black and white in my original find.

I remembered a plate I've seen with birds on a power line, but unfortunately, I never found it. But I did find a picture of this platter at Kitchen and Tabletop.

Which led me to my new favorite shopping site, Fishs Eddy.

Go ahead and click. Enjoy the modern, whimsical, eye candy. And THE PRICES!

Most of the plates I was finding that were even close to what I had in mind were $50 and up. But this place has prices that seem, gasp, reasonable!

Like this glass for $4.13

Or these adorable jumbo mugs (they hold 18 oz!) for just $9 each.

But these weren't what got me inspired. I fell in love with their dinnerware patterns. Most of them were white with black designs, and a few had brilliant pops of color. But what I loved most were the whimsical designs on such classic shapes.

I started thinking, wouldn't those look so great mixed up in a collage on the wall? And suddenly my mind was racing! So I used some of my Christmas money to pick up some plates and platters, and I'll mix a couple of our cast iron pieces to bring in a little more black.

I got a couple of small trays from the Alice in Wonderland collection, a plate from the 212 Skyline collection that will become our clock, some platters from the Jordan's Sketchbook collection, and brought in color with the Polka Dot collection and the Pedestrian collection.

Now I'm looking for plate hangers and trying to decide what style of clock kit I need. I just can't wait for them to get here!