Friday, April 2, 2010

Out with the old!

We celebrated the three day weekend by starting out with some long overdue yardwork. And I remembered something from last year. I really, really like mowing the lawn.

side from mowing, we also did some edging and pulled a TON of weeds. Our big trashcan was empty when we started, and now it's totally full. I hope we don't need to take out the garbage before Monday!

We also took care of some much needed bigger jobs. The banana tree is now gone!

Pro tip: If you have a half dead banana tree, you may want a mask or a bandana or something. It smells kind of like a rotten banana, but much much worse.

We also took out the beautiful hibiscus we lost this winter.

RIP Hibiscus Friend.

Someone was very interested in our progress.

Then we made a quick trip to the nursery for something to fill the hole. For under $50 we came out with a new plant for that spot, plus enough to fill some pots for the front porch.

For the front, we went with white petunias and some orangey-ping begonias. I love the way they cheer up the front porch. Someday, we'll have some seating out here and we'll actually be able to enjoy it, like we enjoy the back porch.

Check out that flowering hawthorne. Love!

In the back, we went with a deep pink azalea. We got an Encore azalea, which blooms longer and more often. They also get a little bigger, around 4.5-5 feet. Perfect for this space!

I'm inspired now. I want to edge the flower beds and redo the back yard beds and get some potted plants for the back porch. Too bad those projects aren't on the radar anytime soon.

Tomorrow, hopefully I'll be painting. I still have some decisions to make, but I think I can get away with supplies I already have.