Sunday, April 11, 2010

My secret weapon

Do you ever find yourself staring at a throw pillow or a bolt of fabric in a store, wondering if it will match a certain color scheme? Or looking at a credenza at a thrift sale wondering if it's too big or too small for your dining room?

Yeah, me too. And I got tired of it.

So I made this:

house tour apr 10 074

It goes everywhere with me. And it has everything I need to be very, very confident shopper. Thanks to this little guy, I make very few returns when I find something just doesn't work.

Each room has a section. There's a floor plan, with some key dimensions.

house tour apr 10 078

Then, for rooms that haven't been painted yet, the square footage of wall space. This can come in serious handy on those on-a-whim trips to the paint store.

house tour apr 10 079

Then, some information about fabric needs for the room, along with dimensions of the windows.

house tour apr 10 080

And then, a page on furnishing needs and ideal sizes.

house tour apr 10 081

Rooms that are farther along have details about the colors I've chosen. I also plan to add fabric swatches, once I figure out how to attach them.

house tour apr 10 085

And for things that are less than permanent, I use post-its. Here's a list of the many, many grays I'm considering for the living room and dining room walls.

house tour apr 10 084

And by far the most useful page is this one.

house tour apr 10 087

It's perfect picking out the nuances between blue-grays and blue-greens and green-grays when I'm picking out fabrics and furnishings.

For such a minimal investment, this tool has given me so much in return.

Do you have any tools that save your butt on a regular basis?

Also, we completely overhauled our home tour site! If you're interested in how our house looks as of this afternoon (and finally pictures of the kitchen that show the actual color), go on over to the top of the sidebar, and click on the picture of our house.

Or just click here.