Sunday, April 4, 2010

Master Bathroom Mini Makeover

For the past two days, I feel like I haven't left the bathroom. My back is aching, my butt hurts, and I have paint in my hair and under my fingernails. I can't remember the last time we worked so hard, and mostly, so fast.

But it was 100% worth it.

Our bathroom used to be dark pinkish tan, with a mish mash of stuff all in tones of brown and tan. Throw in towels we've collected since college (from navy blue to hot pink) and you've got one ugly bathroom.

Saturday we had plans to wash the cars, and then planned to paint that afternoon. We woke up to a rainy day, and decided to go ahead and start on the bathroom. After running some errands and prepping the room, we got started around noon. We were able to get the ceiling painted, the walls painted, and I was even able to squeeze in the vanity and cabinet doors before making a quick run to Target for the last of my supplies. I'm glad I remembered they would be closed today!

Last night, the situation was much improved (and oh so much brighter!), but there was still a ton of work ahead.

This morning, Brett went in to work at 3:30, and I woke up when he was getting ready. I tried to go back to sleep, but my mind was racing. I finally got out of bed at 5 and got to work painting the trim. After a quick break for a bowl of cereal, I got back to it. I did some quick touching up in the bathroom(luckily not much was needed) and started on the art work. I did one big piece and two smaller pieces. The aim was to mix the greener gray of the vanity with the bluer gray in our bedroom and in the fabric for the room. I think I did pretty good!

My little sewing table was the perfect spot for a large painting to dry!

Then I decided to brave threading the bobbin again and got to work on the sewing.

I had scored a greenish blue stripe fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby Saturday morning. It was regular $29.99 a yard, on sale for $7. Plus they gave me the 30% off, even though I think they weren't supposed to. I also got the canvases for 50% off, a tube of black paint for the art, and some knobs for the vanity for 40% off. I love Hobby Lobby so much!

For the window, I just did a small topper with a bead trim. I don't love toppers, but for a window behind a toilet, I really didn't have many options. I wanted to be able to filter light with the blinds, but I did want a decorative touch. The topper's just the thing!

I also wanted to tie this fabric into a shower curtain, but didn't want to go for the whole curtain. I got a white shower curtain at Target for $9.99 and added a huge cuff on the bottom in the stripe.

A custom extra long shower curtain and a window treatment for under $20? Not too shabby! Plus I have enough extra fabric to make some throw pillows for the bedroom!

With the sewing done, it was time to clean up and put the room back together. We were very happy to put the toilet tank back on. We're so spoiled now, but one night without a toilet in our bathroom was enough for us. Hard to believe we lived in a 1 bathroom apartment for two years!

Tonight at roughly our normal bedtime, we finally finished! As usual, there is still a little work to do. I need to hunt down a 96" shower curtain liner, and switch out the outlets and switches for white ones. But other than that, we are DONE. And it looks fantastic!

We painted the walls a light gray, the same color as our kitchen. The trim went white (it was white, but just dingy and gross), along with the ceiling. We painted the vanity a dark gray with a touch of green, Sherwin Williams Hardware. Actually, thanks to using what we had leftover from other projects, that was the only paint we bought! We also decided to paint the weird strip of wood that runs around the room the same color as the vanity. I was doubtful last night but I LOVE it now.

The color alone made a huge difference. The room is so much brighter and calmer now. It looks bigger and is just so much more relaxed. From there, with art, linens, and accessories, we layered various tones of blue, green, and gray for a gorgeous tonal look that's 100% us. See the header colors in my blog? Yeah, that's pretty much the color scheme of our bathroom (and let's be honest, pretty much our house).

So without further ado, here it is. The work-with-what-you-have, lovely, now totally a Master Bathroom.

The best part was adding up the costs at the end. Thanks to using supplies we already had, and scoring everything else on sale (or buying with a coupon), we managed to pull of the entire thing for just $96. Not too shabby, huh?