Monday, April 26, 2010

My newest hobby

I've touched on it a bit here before, but a couple of months ago, a new hobby came into my life. It's part of my main squeeze, decor and design, but better.

It was right about the time I heard about Knock-Off Wood. Ana said something about "If you can sew, you can build." Well, I wasn't worried about whether I could build or not. I knew I could build. I was blessed with a natural mechanical inclination and a dad who never shied away from letting me help in his projects.

But I wondered if I could reverse that statement. If I could build, could I sew?

It turns out, the answer is yes.

Now, to be honest, I haven't tried anything too difficult yet. But there's a lot you can do just sewing straight lines.

You can make drapes (if you use clips, you don't even need to do the pocket, which is the most difficult part).

Or other window treatments! I just used an old store bought topper to eyeball the dimensions for this and went to town.

quickie 049

You can also embellish plain store bought stuff for a cheap update. Like this $10 shower curtain that's now oversized and upscale.

quickie light 014

Or how about some quick change envelope pillow covers. These are so easy and FAST. I'm actually going to change them out for spring, hopefully this weekend!

guest room 025

I already have plans for an apron and an ironing board cover (to brighten up my laundry room) with the leftovers from the office drapes. And I have seven yards of light gray ticking stripe in linen all ready to go for the living room and dining room drapes!

Last week my mom called and asked if I would be available for a couple of days in late May. She and my grandparents are going to Houston for a visit, and they wanted to know if I would come along. The company I work for has a plan that goes there twice a day, so it's not big deal for me to hop on and be picked up at the airport.

We used to live in Houston, but we moved away when I was 5 so I barely remember it. This trip is to visit the old houses and basically see how it has all changed, but my mom only had to say one word to get me ready to burn some vacation time: Ikea!

I've only been once, but Ikea is still my favorite source for affordable and modern fabrics/textiles. You really can't beat $6-8 a yard for upholstery grade fabric, especially in these beautiful prints. When my mom mentioned that she wanted to visit one, I knew I had to come along (I'm excited for all the toher stuff, too, I promise!).

I already have a list a mile long of things to check out. Like this dining table and this graphic rug. But by far the lengthiest part of my list is for fabrics!

I've got plans racing around, and after this trip (and a couple of other already chosen fabrics that I haven't purchased), I'll be ready to outfit my entire home in window treatments and throw pillows.

I've already touched on a couple of these with my mood board this morning. But oh, there's more.

For the kitchen window, I'm making a red and orange roman shade with a little whimsy (and for a total cost of around $8!)

In the laundry room, I'll put a topper similar to the one in the bathroom. This one will tie in the red and orange from the kitchen and the laundry room accessories.

And speaking of Gunvor, I'll use one of the black/white options for pillows in the living room, and tie it in to the guest room (and possibly the guest bath) as well.

Throughout the living room, I'll be using a mix of blacks, whites, and grays, with a touch of yellow. For the chair, a bold graphic print in black and white will really help it stand out!

Upstairs, the guest room is going girly with pink houndstooth (I already have it) and black and white stripes. A little orange and pink floral will tie it together.

And in the sunroom, the futon will be covered in a solid with a bold stripe of octopus! Add throw pillows in red, black, and yellow and you've got a bright room with a touch of whimsy!

It's hard to believe that just four months ago, I never would have considered any of these plans. I was limited to what was in stores, already made. I didn't even know how to hem curtains that were too long. Sewing has opened me up to so many choices!

Do you sew? Do you love it or see it as a chore?