Monday, March 29, 2010

The Bath

Oh, the master bath. It's possibly the worst room in the house. That distinction was likely bestowed on it when we redid the other, also terrible bathroom upstairs.

It's dark, tan, has terrible lighting, ugly window treatments, the vanity top is scratched and discolored, the tub and surround is also discolored. Not the mention the piece of wood randomly running around the room. And like the kitchen and laundry room, somebody fancied themselves a tile layer and effed the floor right on up.

It needs help. And we'd like to give it that help, someday. Unfortunately, that day is not today. And it's not next weekend either. But while the bathroom is waiting on her insurance to approve the major surgery she needs to be beautiful, we can take her out shopping for some pretty dresses and shoes.

So if we're not ready to tile this weekend, instead, we'll be painting the bathroom!

We're using leftover paint from the kitchen, which is by far our favorite color in the house. We can't wait to use it again.

We've also been itching to switch out our bedding for something lighter for the summer, so I'll be on the lookout for some cheap, white bedding to bring in some light.

In fact, light is the name of the game in this mini makeover. Here's the plan:

master suite

Phase 1 is to cover up the currently ugly tan on the walls and hopefully brighten the space. That phase will commence this weekend, unless we're ready to tile this weekend. I'm also hoping to paint an art piece to bring in the bedroom color.

Then we want to bring in lots and lots of white, with some accents of blue gray to brighten up the space. I would love to paint the (currently white) vanity a dove gray to spice it up a little. Then we'll bring in lots of glass accessories and maybe some new lighting to finish the look.