Tuesday, April 20, 2010


On Friday, we'll be making the journey across town and paying $100 for this thing!

God love Craigslist!

It looks so substantial, and I love that the rounded doors mimic our kitchen cabinets.

The finish isn't terrible, but it's not quite what I had in mind. Between scoring this piece and an upcoming trip to Ikea (!) my head is swimming. So what's the plan?

First I'm going to line the back with this yellow stripe from Ikea.

I just started making a list of fabrics I want to pick up and I'm up to twelve. TWELVE. I need to cull, but they all have a point and a purpose and if I buy them all I'll never need to buy another fabric for the house ever ever ever(except for the master bedroom curtains and the futon cover). But we'll see. Ikea fabric prices are hard to beat.

I actually kind of like the gold grill that you can barely see in the picture. If it's gold, I'll probably keep it. It will depend on how I feel and how difficult it looks to remove.

For the finish? We're going dark. Plum or Navy, but either way I want to be in "almost black" territory.

These walls are Benjamin Moore Old Navy. I think that would look just divine with the yellow stripe. Kind of nautical, kind of eclectic. And with light gray walls and a different gray stripe in the room for window treatments? And a glass table with yellow wrap chairs?

I think I'm in decor heaven.

Don't you just love it when your mind races with the possibilities for a new project? It's just the best feeling out there.