Thursday, April 22, 2010

Color Inspiration

I always thought those articles you see about choosing paint colors were kind of hokey. Just because I like a color on my shoes doesn't mean I want it on my wall, you know?

I thought the only places I really found color inspiration were pictures of actual rooms, and my collection of fan decks and paint swatches. And that's been mostly true, at least for walls.

But when I started working on my submission for next week's Mood Board Monday (SO excited that I couldn't WAIT until this weekend to work on it), I realized something. My color scheme was coming pretty much directly from my wardrobe. That day, I was wearing a indigo jeans, a gray tee shirt, and a yellow sweater, with flame orange shoes. In fact, I have a similar outfit on today (minus the yellow).


Trust me, these colors (navy dress, gray nails and sweater, black buttons, orange shoes) will look very familiar come Monday. And hopefully, come whenever we redo our living room/dining room since that's what my mood board is for!

And then I started thinking about other places I've drawn inspiration from.

My patio chairs are painted Safety Red, which just happens to be the color of these babies:


And I'm busting at the seams to add some pink to my guest room and guest bath after seeing all of the gorgeous azaleas this spring!


And I'm dying to make this yellow iPhone case my own. But it's not the only place I want lots of yellow. I want large doses in the dining room and I'll add some to the guest room too!

Where do you find color inspiration? Do you stick to the conventional shelter mags and decor blogs, or have you ever taken your sweater for a color match?