Sunday, April 25, 2010


Has moved into our dining room.

cabinet paint 2 003

But in seriousness, I called Brett at work today on the verge of quitting and buying a quart of black paint. I really was not a fan of the blue.

We picked a nice navy and decided we wanted blue. But when I went to the store I chickened out and went a step down on the strip, to the darkest color. Which was seriously black. With maybe a single drop of blue.

Well, when you take that little black swatch and multiply it by many thousands, it is BLUE.

I really only hated it when the light was turned on. So I decided we would just never turn the dining room light on again. Good plan, right?

Brett had other ideas. When he got home, he convinced me that another coat might deepen the color, and we should finish the job and give it a real shot. Even after two good coats. Even after it was pretty much dry, it was still BLUE. The weird thing was, the doors looked like exactly the color we had in mind. But on the cabinet itself, smurf city.

But we put the lovely original hardware back on and spent a long while figuring out the weird hinges.

And it wasn't so bad.

cabinet paint 2 011

Actually, it wasn't so bad at all!

We have a hard stop at 8 for Brett, so we had to wait on the glass doors until tomorrow night. But I held them up and it looked pretty darn good! I'm in absolute lust with that gorgeous brass (?) hardware. The flash totally blows out the blue, but you can see that gorgeous metal!

cabinet paint 2 012

We also painted the base and legs of our (once grandma's, once mom's) dining table. It was painted a flat brighter blue. I think the slightly deeper color and the high gloss really ups the chic factor! It's still not my dream table, but this will extend it's life in our house. Probably.

This picture shows the difference in the old (right) and new (left) colors.

cabinet paint 2 002

Overall, I'm happy now. I think once I line the currently wood gran back with some modern paper and get my china in there, I'll love it.

It's definite work in progress, but it's none too shabby for a $120 investment and two days of work!

Here's one last blurry, flashless picture that shows the colors as true to life as I can get them.

cabinet paint 2 010