Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh yeah

cabinet paint 015

That's why I haven't done my nails in a year.

But the china cabinet is primed and ready for painting tomorrow!

Today, we removed the doors and took off the hardware (actually, Brett did that while I put all the little parts and pieces into baggies).

Then I made a quick trip to Lowe's for some glue to fix one broken piece inside the cabinet. I also got a philodendron and a little pot, which will be a nice job for me to take care of after supper. I'm excited to add some green to the sunroom!

Once I got home, I glued the piece in and waited (and ate lunch) while it was drying. Then I set to work!

And let me tell you. Painting something with glass doors is a total pain in the ass. There is very little I wouldn't rather do than wake up in the morning and paint the china cabinet and table legs.

But even just primed, it looks so much more modern. I can't wait to see it all painted!

cabinet paint 013