Thursday, October 1, 2009


Inspiration for my home is something I struggle with. I have folders full of bookmarked pages, but I have trouble making these things translate. When I look at these pictures that inspire me, I wonder, how can I make my house feel like that? Chances are, I won't be able to find or afford the furniture they've used, or I already have something perfectly good that will work just fine.

Here's what I know. I love color. Yes, gray is my new favorite color, but I'm also partial to orange, some reds, green, and yellow. If you see my guest bathroom redo you can see I love color.

For our master bedroom, which is almost finished, I didn't want super colorful, energetic. I wanted calm, beautiful, modern, and serene. A place to relax. And I think I got that. But I used a trendy color, a very popular bedding set, and a popular bedroom suit from a national mid-range furniture chain. The only real design decision was to do the stenciling, which I love. But was it the right design decision? I don't know.

I will do my best to really consider my choices in the rest of my home. I want unique pieces that reflect us as a couple and make my house a fun place to be. Here are some of my inspirations. Someday I hope my home will look this beautiful!

From Pearl Street Interiors at The Little Green Notebook. Check them out! You won't be disappointed.

Photography by Sharon Montrose. So whimsical and fun!

A beautiful color palette from Country Living.

A dusty blue chalkboard from Martha Stewart.

A beautiful bird mobile from Spool Sewing. This will be in our nursery one day.

What's your inspiration? How do you translate what you love in a photo to what you live in every day?