Monday, October 19, 2009

How to Make Your Wife Deaf

Or, alternatively, how to hammer nails into concrete.

First, you nail one of these nails

And hammer it down through the board to the concrete.

Then you load one of these (it's a bullet!)

Into here, press it down on top of the nail (pudh down HARD), and hit it with a hammer. Make sure your wife's ear is approximately two feet away from the tool.

And voila!

It's pretty easy and super fun. Until you pinch your hand and make your husband do the rest of it.

Other than that, there was a lot more measuring, cutting, and framing. Which all led to ANOTHER WALL! Look at those two men work! I swear I was helping, but I was taking all the pictures, so that's why I'm not in any of them. Yeah, that's right.

We also framed and installed our door (which we'll take down tomorrow or the next day to paint). The next steps for the porch are just to wait for the lumber to dry, paint the wood, and install the screens and furring strips. Hopefully the lumber will dry pretty quickly. We got a super cheap wooden door, so we had to do some reinforcing with screws. They also didn't have hinges small enough (grrr) so we got cabinet hinges. They look pretty nice, though. Now we just have to install the handle and we'll be ready to rock!

Brett and I almost came to blows in the spray paint aisle of Home Depot. My mom's job for the day was to paint our black patio chairs. This red credenza (from The Little Green Notebook) is my inspiration.

She very sweetly posted exactly which color she used. Rustoleum Safety Red. Well, we found out that Safety Red comes in the professional larger can for $5, and there are about 5 other reds in the regular paint for $3.50. Brett was 100% convinced that the other reds were just fine and we didn't need to spend the extra $1.50 (times ahem, about 12 cans). So I relented and we got two cans of Apple Red. And this is what it looked like after one coat.

Ummmm, not what I had in mind. We ran out of paint anyway, so we ran to Lowe's and lo and behold, they DIDN'T HAVE APPLE RED! I almost stabbed myself in the paint aisle and we decided to get a few cans of the closest thing (Sunrise Red) for a base coat, and four cans of SAFETY RED to topcoat it with. And now they look like this.

They are SO AWESOME! Brett better watch out or everything in our house will be Safety Red soon enough. We'll put a coat of clear on tomorrow and put them back together.

I also primed the end table and the futon arms and will be painting them Oyster Bay tomorrow. SO excited to see this color scheme come together, as it's a little more "out there" than what we've done before.

This is our color scheme. What do you think?