Saturday, October 24, 2009

We're running out of steam

Or at least, it seems that way. Yesterday, we started making some headway in the morning. but when we took our mid-day break, we decided to go see a movie (Paranormal Activity, and I'm still totally creeped out) and then we decided to eat dinner and laze around.

Things we accomplished yesterday:

Painted some of the framing
Bought floor paint
Determined that buying a $20 screen door was in fact, a very bad decision
Learned that two bundles of 12 8 foot long 1x2s is about the largest thing you can fit in a Honda Civic (I went to the store for a few small things while Brett was painting and forgot I hadn't brought the truck. But they fit! And the trunk closed!

Ummm, that's it

Luckily we woke up bright and early (okay, not so early) and got to work. We're now DONE painting (except for the floor, the doors, and some touching up, which all need to wait until the screen is done). Now we have to wait for the paint to dry so we can screen it in this afternoon. Squee!

Hopefully we can get done screening in time for me to clean and paint the floors. And then once the floor paint dries, we'll be able to bring everything back in and have access to our carport again!

We also made quite a few small changes over the last week that we wanted to share.

My wonderful parents bought us a new ceiling fan for our bedroom. Goodbye white and gold! Hello sleek and gorgeous.

My mom also got me a capiz box for my bedside table, to hold all of my treasures (aka, ponytail holders and chapstick).

We also worked on the cords for the television. We still need to do a little more work, but it looks WORLD'S better.

And finally, we broke down and decided the colored towels (pics here) in our guest bedroom just didn't go. I knew I wanted something colorful and fun, so I pulled colors out of the shower curtain. But in the face of all that green, it was just too much. And the colors seemed to clash. So we broke down and got some new linens and candles. I think it looks so much cleaner and nicer now. What do you think?