Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am proud to present

The sunroom! Wait, scratch that. We don't have a sunroom anymore. We are the proud owners of a brand spankin' new screened in porch!

Before: The dark blue gray of the porch sort of clashed with the (slightly different) light blue gray vinyl siding on the rest of the house. The faux brick floors looked hokey and the paint was starting to peel off. The black and mismatched wood of the furniture did nothing to brighten up this dreary space.

And while a sunroom is nice in theory, in practice it's just not a great idea for our climate. Add shoddy construction and ever encroaching water damage to the equation and this room was itching for a makeover.

After: We still have a bit of decor work to do. But the construction phase is over! We now have a fully functioning porch!

It already looks so much brighter and warmer. Even when you've worked until dark finishing off the furring strips!

Here's what we'll come home to now (we walk through this porch from the carport to get into the house). It's so much cheerier. We brightened up the walls with Sherwin Williams Lucent Yellow, and gave the floor a coat of Valspar Elkhorn Cactus (although I'm convinced it was mixed wrong. It was supposed to be greenish brown with a touch of gray. Key word: touch).

We painted the patio chairs Safety Red, and painted the wood furniture with leftover Oyster Bay from our bedroom. It's crazy how much lighter it looks in this space!

I also changed out the hardware on this old nightstand. I scored these knobs for half off at Hobby Lobby. Total cost of this nightstand makeover was $4.50!

We're so happy with the way this room turned out! It's so comfortable and airy, and I'm so happy that the cats have a place to hear, smell and see the great outdoors safely!

Plans for decor include a new futon cover (plum or charcoal gray, maybe?), a collage of white frames holding patterned fabrics or papers, and a few whimsical prints, a fabric skirt (or a replacement) for the shelf unit by the door, a larger rug, and some new patterned throw pillows. I'm so excited to get this room as fun and bright as it is in my head!

Total project cost was $603. If we hadn't made the door mistake it would have been closer to $550. Not too bad for a new room!