Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I could cry

I've found a home improvement task that is even more soul sucking and painful than painting ceilings. Painting wood siding.

What could be so bad, you ask? The stuff sucks in paint like it's going out of style. And you have to paint the little undersides, too. Don't forget those. And it's just terrible. DON'T DO IT! HIRE A PROFESSIONAL AND SAVE YOURSELF.

I thought I was doing Brett a favor by volunteering to paint the ceiling in the sunroom. I love color on ceilings, but the whole time I'm craning my neck and killing my back, all I can think about is the average joe coming into my house and thinking, "Why is the ceiling yellow?"

Meanwhile, Brett got started on the siding. And honestly, it was looking pretty crappy. I know he's not a terrible painter but I thought maybe there was a trick to this stuff. Then I finished the ceiling (whoo!) and started on a small portion of siding too.

THIS SUCKS! It's so time consuming and the coverage SUCKS! Walls this size should have taken us an hour to paint. But now we'll be at this all day. And we need more paint. And tomorrow we have to paint the framing (not to mention I have to work. I'm so bad at vacation. I didn't go anywhere AND I'm going to a meeting). And Friday we have to paint the floor and screen it in.

Worst. Vacation. EVER.

Here are some pictures to tease the finished room. Which may not be done for a while since I can't find a gray futon cover in the entire city.