Saturday, October 3, 2009

Garage Sale Score!

One of our favorite things to do together is get up on Saturday mornings and drive around the city looking for garage sales. Sometimes, like last week, we end up with nothing. Sometimes we end up with a couple of owls and a box of legos. But days like today are the times that make us come back for more.

We have gorgeous weather here today, and it was the perfect day for garage sales. We saw some great stuff. A secretary's desk from the 1930's (too rich for my blood at $75), a former house stager liquidating her assets (I still regret not buying anything there!), a beautiful pickled green china hutch (unfortunately wouldn't go with our stuff). Then we hit the motherlode. An estate sale in a pretty nice neighborhood. Unlike a lot of estate sales we hit, these people really were just trying to get rid of stuff. Either that, or they had no idea how much what they had was worth.

They had a complete mid century modern dining room set, in pristine condition, for $300. I lusted after it, but Brett HATED the chairs, so it wasn't meant to be. They had a beautiful dresser with a starburst pattern on the center drawers for $60. It was huge and low, and could be painted a glossy color and look gorgeous as a dining room buffet. My husband wasn't convinced.

But the best piece of all, was what I thought was a console table. Low, modern, in perfect condition, I thought it would be the perfect piece for the staircase wall. And only $50.

But the hinged top in the middle held a great surprise!

We talked them down to $30 and loaded it up. It powers up and tries to work, so we're going to work on replacing the tubes and hopefully we'll eventually get it to play. It came with two boxes of albums. Some great, some obscure, some I totally remember from my childhood ("Chipmunk Punk," anyone?). It had an old instruction manual and some weird, gay and Muslim bashing news articles inside. I'm so excited to get it working and actually hear some of these albums that sound so hilarious.

Even if it never works, we've got a great mid-century console table with an interesting story. Now I've just got to get some taller decor items to fill the surface and we'll be in business!