Sunday, June 7, 2009

Guest Bathroom Redo

From the beginning, we've planned to slowly paint every room in the house. Emphasis on slowly. We hadn't lived in the house even a month when we broke down and bought paint for the upstairs bathroom. It's not the most used room in the house. Not by far. But every time either of us walked in there, we were immediately in a bad mood. The walls were painted a light yellow, but it had such sickly undertones that we took to calling it bile. When we were ready to get started, we gave the room a good cleaning and started removing fixtures, and we noticed a few things we inherited from our previous owners. Thanks guys!

1. They hadn't thought to prime before giving the walls a single coat of light yellow paint. The color before? Dark gray. No wonder the yellow looked sick.
2. They also hadn't thought to paint behind the mirror. Okay, not too bad. Or the toilet. I know it's hard to reach behind a toilet, but it's certainly not hard to SEE back there.
3. When they put quarter round down next to the bathtub, they caulked it to keep water from the bathtub from running down behind the wood and into the subfloor. Nice, right? Well, they just put on a crapload of caulk and smeared it everywhere. We're talking two full inches away from the quarter round, smears of caulk. We got up close and personal with our razor blades, people.

So here's the not so nice before. (with the seller's art and flowers. We hated it so much we only took one picture before we took to the walls with kilz.)

Since then, we primed and painted the walls, painted the ceiling, trim, and door. We've cut and painted new quarter round, to be put down when my husband wakes up from his nap. I put down two pieces this morning and realized I was in a bit over my head. We also replaced the light fixture, got a new, oval beveled mirror to go over the sink. We put in a shower curtain for a decorative element, even though this is just a bathtub. We bought new linens and accessories as well.

Now the bathroom is fresh and inviting. Even the cats love it! Note: bathroom walls are not actually the color of mustard or baby poo. I'm just a crappy photographer.

Walls: Sherwin Williams Sassy Green
Ceiling: Sherwin Williams Rice Paddy
Trim: Sherwin Williams Muslin

Most decorative pieces are from Target, a couple of pieces are from Wal-Mart.