Monday, October 19, 2009

We Interrupt the Sunroom Extravaganza

To bring you fall decor, take two.

My first attempts, here and here (on the dresser), was cute, but not practical. And it left a little to be desired.

It got down to 47 degrees last night (47! Sure, the high was 71, but STILL!) so I think it's officially fall. I decided that I needed to change out the white flowers (which were less than fresh anyway) with something that felt more appropriate for the chill in the air.

I got two different grocery store bouquets for $5 each and mixed them for several small arrangements around my house.

First on the dresser, I put it with one of my favorite owls (this is actually a salt and pepper shaker set, so I have two) and the green bumpy gourd. since some of the floral arrangement was kind of flowy, I paired it with a square vase, and I attached a hunter green ribbon (from Williams Sonoma gift wrapping, so totally free!).

For my nightstand, I made a small arangement and put it in one of our small drinking glasses.

I also made small arrangements for the living room. For the entertainment center, I used a tall drinking glass and put a piece of giraffe patterned paper (left over from our wedding invitations) around it. I also picked up two mercury glass votive holders for $2 each at Target! One of them went on the entertainment center as well.

I also scored some clearance candlesticks and metallic plum taper candles for the console table! They're gorgeous, and they really add something to the table. I added our gray pumpkin, some of my owls, and the other mercury glass candle holder, along with a small floral arrangement in a square vase. It looks great for fall and really brings something to the room!