Friday, July 31, 2009

I am happy to report

That the bedroom painting is finally done! I'm totally ignoring all the touching up I have to do around the trim, but the bulk of the painting is done.

Here's the progress since we last posted.

First my rocking mom stenciled 63 curvy tile shapes between the two moldings near the ceiling. I did 4. That's right, I am slooooooooow on the stenciling. My mom would take a break and I would get on the ladder, take 45 minutes to tape up the stencil, paint one piece, and she would get frustrated and take over.

Have I mentioned how much I love her?

We used a glossy paint, and had them custom mix a color between the wall color (Oyster Bay) and one shade lighter (Comfort Grey). In person, it's so subtle and geometric looking, and really ties the molding in to the rest of the room.

While my mom was busy stenciling, I made myself useful and tackled the French doors. See, there are some risks involved in being married to me. One of those risks might be that you'll take my two grandmothers to the casino for the day, and get a text message that says, "Would you be pissed if you came home and the French doors were painted white?"

Brett liked the wood doors, and he wasn't really sold on painting them. I thought they were pretty, as well, but with so many other white doors in the room, I thought they really needed to blend in. It was a good thing Brett said he wouldn't mind because I had already started priming them when I texted him.

We started out with these.

Not so bad, but not really blending in.

We opted not to tape off all the windows. I tried to tape one off, and gave up. I saw lots of advice to tape off all the panes, and finally found one reply on a message board saying not to tape and just scrape it with a razor. I latched onto that and ran with it.

Then, we started scraping.

And we scraped and scraped, until we had these little dudes all around the door.

And until all the panes looked like this.

Then, we put up the blinds and curtains, and now the door ties into the rest of the room much better.

Finally, after my helpful visitors had gone home, we painted the trim and doors and put the room back together. Brett bought me a new duvet cover for my birthday, and it ties in perfectly with the wall color.

I think all we have left to do is to pick out a new quilt, lamps, a ceiling fan, and get some shams and pillows. Then we can put a big DONE stamp on this room and start thinking about the next one (we're thinking rebuilding the sunroom is next, or maybe a quickie master bathroom makeover).