Friday, October 2, 2009

Master Bedroom: Before and After

After just two and a half months of working on it almost every weekend, our master bedroom is finally finished! With the addition of some new artwork and a few decorative items, we can finally call our room finished. I am so happy to finally present our finished bedroom. Settle in folks, this will be a long one!

Before, with the seller's furnishings. This pinkish beige did nothing for the room.

The French doors were left stained, which clashed with the other white doors and left the room feeling disjointed.

After, a fresh coat of paint on the walls, trim, doors, and ceiling instantly give the room a calmer feel.

New bedroom furniture, in a dark stain instantly updates the space.

The dresser holds a catchall for keys and wallets, a family photo, and decor that we plan to change with the seasons.

For early October, a unique gourd complements an all white bouquet and a piece from my owl collection.

Tonal bedding contributes to the serene feeling, and a framed print brings the outdoors in.

On my nightstand, I have a smaller version of the larger bouquet, along with the first photo taken of Brett and me. We were 16 and 18, and not even dating.

Brett's nightstand holds a box for spare change, along with a family photo and a coaster made from recycled magazines.

On the media chest, candles bring color to the room, and another owl from my collection ties it to the dresser decor.

The French doors have been painted Antique White to match the rest of the doors and trim, and we made curtains to complement the lampshades.

A Moroccan tile pattern was stenciled onto the walls to add interest and highlight the unique molding.

The finished product is so different from where we started. I'm so happy to have a retreat to go to after the end of a long day!