Friday, August 13, 2010

One gallon

One gallon of paint got me cutting in the entire downstairs plus all of this.

paint first coat 007

paint first coat 009

paint first coat 009

paint first coat 010

paint first coat 008

Yeah, it's one coat. But dude, one coat gives such amazing coverage.

I should have tried this paint a looooong time ago.

I cracked open gallon number two and continued working and made it to bed around ten o'clock last night. When I saw the room in the sunshine today, it was totally worth all of the yawns!

paint first coat 016

paint first coat 015

paint first coat 013

The new color and the kitchen color are really good friends. They told me.

paint first coat 017

Good morning living room!

paint first coat 018

I used Duration Home Interior (the one in the plastic can with the green sure label). Get it. There's a reason it's so expensive. And you can buy it on sale so it's not so expensive. But don't trust their calculations or you'll end up with three extra gallons like me.

One coat gives amazing coverage, but we'll be doing a light second coat for longevity's sake. Even with the second coat, I really can't see us using more than 4 gallons. I've used about 1 and 1/4 and I'm halfway up the stairs.