Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Fresh Start?

I love our bedroom. I really do.

It's calming, it's soft, and the wall color, Oyster Bay, is still one of my favorites in the house.

master bedroom tour 019

This was the second room we made over in the house, and I really think that color choice is the one that set the tone for the rest of the house, and ended in the cohesive cool loveliness we've got going on now.

But I have a real craving for something new in there. I think I want another bedding option.

In the rest of the house, we've really been gravitating towards brighter colors, graphic prints, and more fun. We want a calmer feel in the bedroom, but I also want it to fit in with the rest of the house.

Lately, I've really been noticing some options that I think would be gorgeous for our room.

This duvet cover from West Elm is definitely graphic, but I think the color would look really beautiful with the wall color. Plus at $79 it's a steal.

This is a lighter option that would still have a definite calm feeling, but it still feels fun and modern. It's organic cotton and only $99 for a king, from West Elm.

I'd love to pair either one with a slate gray quilt and crisp white sheets. Or a white quilt and white sheets. Neither one would need very much in the way of throw pillows, just a couple of very small ones in a bold pattern.

But, I also have the strong desire for a think, multi-layered, cloud of white on my bed. I'd start with Target's Organic sheets in white. We have these already in a bronzy color and love them.

Next, I'd love to add some texture with this Frayed Edge Quilt from West Elm

With that much texture in the quilt, I'd top it with a smooth cotton white duvet cover to keep it simple, and sew one or two throw pillows with just a pop of color.

Now, neither of these will happen because we have other priorities right now. I need to spend my time touching up the living and dining rooms, and we need to spend our money elsewhere. But a girl can dream.

Maybe a West Elm giftcard will find it's way into my stocking this year?