Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paint Progress

I know I didn't do so great on the Post Along part of my weekend project! But Sunday, I did a lot of wall repair and ended up cutting in along all of the baseboards and the chair rail throughout the living and dining room, as well as painting around the windows and doorways.

And as I finished, I couldn't resist painting the wall with the smallest amount of surface area, since I thought I could get away with just my brush. Luckily, I was right!

paint cut in 001

And the verdict is in. In case my smiling face doesn't tell you, I'm butt crazy in love with this color. It's completely perfect and I'm so glad we chose it. It's a little lighter than we expected, but it turned out to be exactly right.

Then tonight, while dinner was in the oven, I cut in around the crown molding downstairs. I'm taking the day off tomorrow to have dinner with my husband at work, and then I might start with the rolling on Thursday night!

paint cut in 003

paint cut in 005

paint cut in 006

Josh Lyman was my painting buddy tonight, as you can see. The lighter areas in the dining room aren't dry yet.

I just can't wait to see this room completely done!

As for this coming weekend, I'm not sure if we'll spend it relaxing or working. But I don't know what we're dreading more. Corralling all the cords and painting the fireplace black, or tackling the final layer of wallpaper in the upstairs hallway. Probably the latter. We've tried all the tricks we know and no dice. We've scored it with the Pirahna thing, tried vinegar, tried detergent, tried Dawn, tried a spray bottle, tried a sponge, tried a ScotchBrite, tried our fingernails. Any suggestions?

We're down to just the paper backing, and it's on top of flat paint, which is making things very difficult.