Sunday, August 8, 2010

Post Along Project: Pictures

Here are the pictures I said I would post last night. Since I took these, I've put the vent covers back up, and it looks pretty swell. I love the subtle, gorgeous gray.

paint 004

paint 005

I love our new schoolhouse globes in the stairway!

paint 010

See those touch-ups? The stairway is completely full of spots like that. I will pretty much need a second coat up there, but I'm waiting until we rent a scaffold or figure out whatever solution we can to the very high ceilings and stairs.

Today, Brett is spending his last Sunday morning at work. I'm about to make my first attempt at drywall patching.

Since we moved in, we've been curious about the presence of a couple of vents, high on the wall, with no discernible purpose. One, to the left of the fireplace.

paint 014

And another above our bedroom door. It turned out that the one above the bedroom door is hiding a hole in the drywall about the size of a golf ball. Okay?

paint 015

Because who needs to fix something when you can just out a vent over it?

The other one is hiding a non-functioning infrared motion detector. We can only assume it's non-functioning, because, you know, we've been walking around our living room for a year and a half and we've never set it off.

So I'm going to attempt to patch them. I'm using the mesh, spackle, sand approach. And I have a can of the orange peel spray to match our drywall texture. And, cross my fingers, start painting!