Friday, August 6, 2010

Post Along Project:: Day 1 Dinner Break

So it's just before 7 and my back and neck are killing me. But I THINK I'm done with the ladder for the night. I think.

I'm all done cutting in for the ceiling! It took for ever. Over four hours of climbing up and down the ladder, and I'm shot. But I think after some rest and food, I'll be able to tackle rolling tonight!

After Brett gets off, we're thinking about going out for karaoke, so we might get a late start tomorrow! :)

The plan for tomorrow, assuming the ceiling is all rolled today, that is: wake up and make a plan for wall repair, drywall patch, etc. Then I'll take a trip to the hardware store, and work on the walls so we can start painting!

Here's a couple pictures of the ceiling color! I am really loving it against the wood tone of the ceiling fan.



These are phone pictures. Excuse the quality.