Friday, August 6, 2010

Post Along Project: The Prep

I've heard that the preparation should take you twice as long (or is it just as long?) as the painting. Now, that's never been true for me, although sometimes I wish it was! But there has definitely been a lot of prep work involved in this project!

We started bright and early with the taping. Our room has crown molding, a chair rail all around (which I don't get in the living room, but okay) and thick baseboards. And it's a big room. Add in the baseboards up the stair way and 13 doors, and that's a lot of tape. We started at 7 this morning, took a lunch/goodwill run break, and I just finished (at 2 pm).

But in that time we took quite a few breaks to take off the vent covers, get all the lights taken down for painting, take down the curtains (and took them to Goodwill), and started stripping the wallpaper upstairs.

Is there anything more satisfying than tearing off an old, ugly wallpaper border? We tore off a burgundy and navy paisley one, and found pastel hummingbirds underneath. It was actually sort of pretty. Although, I wouldn't choose a wallpaper border of any kind, probably, I'm sure I would have picked something like this when our house was built in 1991! Since I love birds so much, I kept a small piece, and I'm thinking I might frame it to have a piece of history from our home!

Now, I'm taking a water break and about to start painting the ceiling. Hopefully I can finish that tonight! Dream big!