Sunday, January 10, 2010

So close

Brett and I constantly have a list of things to do on the weekends. We keep some of it (the ones more important, or more likely to be forgotten) on a list on the fridge. And some of it is just in our noggins. But after this weekend, we've reached a new record!

One item on our to do list. Paint the porch doors (and there's no way I was doing that in freezing weather)

Of course, there are many more in our unwritten list. But the fridge list, that has the tasks we've been meaning to do forever, is almost done. And hopefully it will be done next weekend. Hopefully.

But I got almost everything I meant to do done this weekend. The only thing we missed was the plate collage. And that was a conscious decision to wait until we've finalized the plans for the storage unit we're building for the kitchen.

Friday, we puttered around, played a great card game we got for Christmas (Dominion. We are totally addicted thanks to my awesome brother and sister in law!), and went out for dinner with friends. So no checks that day. But Saturday we braved the cold to check out a few tile stores.

We looked at all of our options and decided on our tile! We're going with a white 2x4 glazed ceramic subway tile. When it came down to it, we liked the 2x4 little better than the 1x2 and the 3x6. Not to mention cost won out. At less than $5 per square foot, it's a lot less than our previous choice at $17. For an almost identical look!

For impact, we're planning on an accent row of glass tiles in a dark gray shade. This will tie in our lovely counter tops and add a modern flair. At almost $30 a square foot, this tile isn't something we can do a lot of. But a little can go a long way. We're really excited and hopeful that this project will get under way soon.

We also hung most of the doors (there was a problem with the alignment of one, so we puttied up the holes and waited for it to dry. Then this morning with Brett at work, I painted the crown molding, did the FINAL touching up (I think), and put the fan blades and vents back up. So now, the kitchen is DONE except for the backsplash.

I also made a trip to Sherwin Williams to spend my Christmas gift card. I got paint for the guest bedroom and office. We're hoping to get started on those rooms next week!

And we also came to a decision. We're painting the guest bathroom. It's nice, it's bright, and it's very, very , very green. All things we wanted when we bought the place. But over the past nine month, we've chosen progressively lighter colors, until we reached a point where it just doesn't go.

With this decision, and after choosing the colors for the office and guest room, we're DONE choosing paint colors. We're locked in. The only two rooms we have left are going to be shades of colors we've already chosen. So we have no more wiggle room. It's honestly a huge relief.

And again, when I think about how much our color palette has changed since we first thought it through, it's amazing.

We've gone from this:

to this:

Colors, left to right are:

Top Row: Benjamin Moore Going to the Chapel (Kitchen), Benjamin Moore Early Morning Mist (Living/Dining), Sherwin Williams Misty (Office)
Middle Row: Benjamin Moore Stingray and Senora Gray (Powder Room), Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay (Master Bedroom), Valspar Sparkling Sage (Guest Bedroom)
Bottom Row: Sherwin Williams Lucent Yellow (Screened Porch), Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (Master Bath), Valspar Jekyll Grand Dining Sea Mist (Guest Bathroom)
Border: Benjamin Moore Simply White (Trim, doors, cabinets)