Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just one of those days

I had big plans today. I really did.

But the lack of heat totally derailed my painting plans. Plus it was just too cold to do anything, really. So no painting, no putting up doors, no rooting through the decor closet to spruce up the naked, un-Christmasy house.

Our heat is back on. That sentence should have a few exclamation points, right? I mean, I spent all morning freezing, troubleshooting, and huddled up in the bed reading Huck Finn (and boy, do I hate books written in dialect. But it's Brett's favorite book and by god I'm getting through it). But then I finally found a heating and air person to come in on Sunday and he spent about five minutes looking around before figuring out that the batteries in the thermostat were loose/going out.

And? He charged me $70. SEVENTY DOLLARS. That is one expensive set of batteries.

But we have heat. And we don't have to replace our heater/air conditioner. But still, the situation is so ridiculous that I feel I must write this.

Dear RiteTemp,

I really love my programmable thermostat. Really I do. But you might want to think bout including a BATTERY INDICATOR on the nice little LED screen. I mean, you give me the date, the time, a little picture that tells me whether it's morning, afternoon, evening or night. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I have plenty of devices that can tell me all of those things. What I DON'T have, is something to tell me when the batteries are going out in my thermostat. Get on it.

Thanks bunches,



Our slow drip from the toilet up and decided to become something that needed to be taken care of NOW! So, a quick trip to Lowe's and two dollars later, we were sitting in the bathroom attaching and detaching the tank until that puppy was bone dry.

And then we finally went to see Avatar in 3D (which was awesome, more the 3D than the plot but still). So that was my own fault. but not a single thing on my list of things to do today got accomplished. Oops.