Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crown Molding

If you value your sanity, or your marriage, please, for the love of Pete, hire someone to do this. I will just say two things:

1. The angles 31.6 and 33.9 are important. Very, very important. These should be marked on your saw, thank the lord.

2. There will be no crown molding in the laundry room.

It was so frustrating to do the cabinets, and they had one flat end, so no tricksy measuring. We decided it was just too much to deal with two compound miters on one piece. And dude, it's a laundry room. So no harm done. One divorce avoided!

That's just joke, Nana. We are blissfully happy. Why? Because we successfully crown molded our cabinets!

Oooh, pretty. Well, not quite yet.

But once it's puttied and painted, it will blend right in with the cabinets. Painting is happening today, along with hopefully putting on the rest of the doors, so maybe pictures to come tonight!