Sunday, January 17, 2010


We decided to paint the guest room yesterday, and took a big step. We didn't bring the tape.

Brett was skeptical, but I figured the worst that could happen was that we would have to touch up. Which we have to do with tape anyway.

AND IT WORKED! Getting a straight line was so easy, as long as I went slow.

There were some roller accidents, but overall, we were really happy with it. Of course, there are still some jobs that require tape. We plan to use it when we do the trim later, but we're very satisfied.

As for the color, like every single time I paint, I doubted it the entire time we were painting. And when I went to bed last night, I had convinced myself it was Tiffany blue. Which is a fine color, but not my favorite.

This morning while I was still bleary eyed, I ran upstairs to check out the color, and I'm in love. It's called Sparkling Sage (Valspar color, but we had it mixed by Sherwin Williams), but it's really kind of a muted spearmint. There's a lot of blue and gray in it.

We also painted the ceiling Valspar's Luna (one shade lighter) and it shows white in pictures. In person, it's a very, very soft gray with a hint of green. Gorgeous!

I can't wait to put the room together!

Accent color ideas, anyone?