Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting Ready For Fall

I've never been into fall decor. I live in a place where the leaves never turn color, and the fall temperature is about a brisk 75 degrees. But when I saw the October issue of Family Circle, I glanced at the fall decor section anyway. They had some very cute ideas for decorating pumpkins, including an owl using sunflower seeds for feathers. But the scene that took my breath away was the very elegant vignette with the smoky blue pumpkin. I've never seen one that color before, but I knew if I ever had the opportunity to get one, I would base any fall decor around it.

Today, after spending over an hour just getting to the Mississippi River Bridge (normally 15ish minutes) we decided to stop at Whole Foods to take our minds off the traffic for a few minutes. And there, sitting in front of the store, were the blue gray pumpkins. They had a great pumpkin selection, even better than last year. In addition to the grays, they had the white ghost pumpkins, the orange fairytale pumpkins, a great assortment of colors (light yellow to deep red-orange) in Cinderella pumpkins, plus a great assortment of green and white gourds.

I snagged a beautiful light smoky blue one, along with a green gourd with warts all over it and a great stem. I put up the bowl of potpourri that normally sits on our dining room table, and started to work on my fall centerpiece. Along with the pumpkins, I added some of my owl collection and a couple of spiced pear candles. It's not the typical fall colors, but I think it fits our style in a very climate appropriate "fall" way.