Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Color Love

Remember this post?

Where I was oh so happy about finally picking out the perfect neutrals and the perfect greens and finally, FINALLY having chosen all the colors for my house?

I lied.

I still had a nagging suspicion that things weren't quite perfect. I still was obsessed with the acid green color in the bathrooms at our local movie theater. I still wasn't totally happy with the colors I had chosen.

When we went to get the paint for the sunroom, I felt like I HAD to make a decision. See, we wanted the sunroom to be two shades lighter than the kitchen. And we knew the kitchen would need to coordinate with the neutral we chose for the living room and dining room. So for someone like me, who is obsessed with her house feeling cohesive but not boring, I needed to pick something out NOW (well, actually THEN but let's not get too pedantic).

I liked what I had. I really, really did. But I felt like the green of the kitchen was too green and not yellow enough. And the Benjamin Moore neutrals, while they were gorgeous, didn't feel exactly right. So I walked into the Sherwin Williams store, ready to buy a gallon of paint, and undecided on the color. I know, I know. This is never a good idea, but sometimes, when you're in a hurry, it just happens.

I sat there in my own world and played with paint swatches for what seemed like hours. And then I had it. I knew that the chips I had in my hand were the perfect combination for our home. It just felt right. And after I painted the sunroom walls and fell head over heels in love with a YELLOW?!? I knew I had made the right choice. Side note: I almost exclusively dislike yellow walls, because it's such an impossible color to get right and it's just not my favorite. But this yellow? Yes. Oh my god, yes! That's all I felt when I was smearing that creamy, buttery goodness up on the walls.

So here's what we were working with before. While it's good, it's just not quite there.

And here's where we are now. I know the difference is very subtle, but the difference in the way I now feel when looking at these colors is astounding. It just feels like this is supposed to be our home.

After playing around with the new Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer (check it out here, it's a great tool! But always remember that colors will look vastly different on your computer screen and your walls!), I knew we had made the right choices. Sticking to one side of the color wheel makes everything feel cohesive and soothing, and we ended up with colors we love more than we can say!

Just in case you're wondering the colors are (from left to right):

Top Row: Antiquity, Independent Gold, Ethereal Mood, Sea Salt
Middle Row: Lucent Yellow, Oyster Bay, Jogging Path, Sassy Green
Bottom Row: Quixotic Plum, Sea Salt, Thunder Gray, Ethereal Mood

All of these are Sherwin Williams colors, and the repeats will be used in more than one room.

How do you choose colors? Are you an over-analyzer like me, or can you just point at one chip out of hundreds and say "that one!" like my husband?