Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Welcoming Front Door

My first attempt at making a wreath is done!

I've had my eye on this wreath at Target for a couple of months now.

But at $35 it was too rich for my blood. Plus, it was a lot skimpier and cheaper looking in person.

But while I was browsing Hobby Lobby last night for stocking supplies, I found a familiar looking green garlands! They (along with an oval grapevine wreath, a spool of ribbon, and a gold initial) were on sale so I snapped up a couple of them and set to work last night.

Here are the results!

What's that on the front door? (And yes, that is a blooming hibiscus in November. There are times when I LOVE our climate! You should see the one in our backyard)

Currently, I'm taking a break from cutting out hundreds of fabric circles because my right thumb is seriously protesting. I've still got to finish cutting the white and do all of the green dots, then I can start construction! I think I might have enough material to make a matching tree skirt, if my fingers can handle it.