Monday, November 16, 2009

Appliance Shopping

Guess how we spent our Saturday? Driving around to every place we could think of that sells appliances, our heads spinning with cubic feet and accubake and stainless and white and everything in between.

That's right, the oven started beeping again. So badly that it's out of control. So we get a new oven, yay!

Here's what we've decided.

We're going with white. Our fridge is brand spankin' new. Our dishwasher looks pretty new as well. We don't want to spend $2k we don't have to on things that won't add any appreciable value to our house.

I'm pretty sure we're going with a Whirlpool (5.3 cubic feet of accubaking beauty, with a smooth glass top and steam clean/self clean. I'm a little in love). I like the brand, and it seems we get a lot of bang for our buck. The best price we've found is at my beloved Lowe's, but I'll be calling a few more places to make sure.

We're getting new laminate countertops. We just can't justify the cost difference between laminate and solid surface, and we have serious doubts about the durablity of paperstone. Now we just have to find someone to install them since Home Depot aparently doesn't do it any more. I am super excited though, to instantly change the look of my kitchen, I can't wait to get rid of the expanse of white and put in new, dark gray/brown counters.