Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Presents!

We've decided on our mutual Christmas present this year! (Okay, so I already put a video game in Brett's stocking and promptly let him open it. Before Thanksgiving. We're incapable of gift giving like normal people.)

Anyway, drumroll.

New kitchen counter tops! Yay!

Okay, maybe it's not a big surprise, but we're so excited. We had an installer from Lowe's come out and measure. We got the quote back today, and our suspicions were confirmed. We can get a new freestanding range and new counter tops for less than the price of a new drop in range. I just can't wait to see them! And I'm more than a little excited about the prospect of NOT cleaning my white counters with a scotch brite pad fourteen times a day.

We chose Formica (it's really the only option if we don't want to price ourselves out of the neighborhood). And we knew we wanted dark, dimensional, and textured. The newer options from Formica are really incredible! They have some that look literally like a solid surface.

The color we ended up choosing is Labrador Granite, from the honed collection.

I'm so excited to see it! The kitchen has definitely moved high up on our to do list! Here's the plan:

1. The existing cabinets are totally fine. I hate the curved detailing but I can live with it. I'll wither give these a fresh coat of white, or go with a light color.

2. New counters. Squee!

3. White appliances. Yes, we like the look of stainless. But we have a brand new white fridge and a newish dishwasher and we don't want to spend $2k on something we don't need.

4. Paint the walls a yellowish green, our inspiration is the color of olive oil.

5. Tile the backsplash. We've yet to make a decision on even the sort of tile. We love glass subway tile, but we worry it's too modern for our house. Not to mention that stuff is EXPENSIVE.

6. Flooring? Hell if I know. We'll cross that bridge at some point in the future. We'll either break our backs pulling up the botched ceramic in there and replace it with the ceramic we have in the LR/DR, or put laminate throughout the entire downstairs (oh please, oh please!)

We have time to decide. We're going slow on this project. But I can't want to have a kitchen I'm happy to cook in!