Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Official

I'm obsessing.

I'm obsessing over something that will not affect my life for a long ass time. I'm obsessing over something that would take my husband approximately 15 seconds to decide on, if I let him. But I won't. Because I secretly enjoy obsessing.

I want to figure out what color I'm going to paint my living room walls.

But wait. The sunroom is next on our list, right? It is. But the sunroom has to coordinate with the laundry room, which has to coordinate with the kitchen, which has to coordinate with both the living room and dining room. Not to mention the upstairs hallway and staircase will be painted the same color so every single room in our house will be affected by this color choice.

And I'm paralyzed by the thought of it. And considering repainting the upstairs bathroom and the trim in our bedroom if they don't go with whatever color I finally pick because I am certifiably insane. The problem is this:

I love love love gray. Blue-gray, green-gray, purple-gray, and best of all, greige (cue sound of angels singing). It is my new favorite color, taking the place of green, which has assumed the position since I was old enough to know my colors. I took the plunge and painted our bedroom a beautiful blue gray called "Oyster Bay." I already have plans for shades of that same color in the guest room/future nursery, our bathroom, and inside the kitchen cabinets. The plan for the other non-neutral spaces is yellow-greens and a deep purple for the powder room. We're still undecided on Brett's office, but he must be smoking the same thing I am because I think he wants it gray.

So my instinct is to go towards a light gray or greige for out living room, and a coordinating bronze shade for the fireplace and dining room. But that would be a whole heck of a lot of cool colors. Green, blue, purple, gray. We need to move to the other side of the color wheel here!

Not to mention my not-so-hot relationship with beige and tan. I don't like them. They're not colors. Every single beige or tan that I choose is actually mostly green (like Sherwin Williams Burlap-check it out, it's gorgeous!. But these colors are not looking so hot with the other colors I desperately want (or have already put) on my walls. So I'm looking at those beiges that everyone else seems to love. Kilim Beige, Universal Khaki, Latte, Barharbor Beige (all Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore colors if you need info). But they're all just okay. I don't want to paint the largest space in our house a color that I don't absolutely love.


I need a happy medium. I'm looking for a taupe that I can say I love, that will look great in our house and that will possibly warm up the space. I'm going to a paint store on the way home from work to get some Benjamin Moore samples (don't tel my husband!). I may actually turn my back on Sherwin Williams for this one, but I'll go fighting if I have to. These are the colors I'm in love with right now. We'll see how I feel the next time I actually paint something.

Benjamin Moor Smoky Taupe, from the living room of Pewter & Sage. This is the front runner, depending on how it looks in our light.

Sherwin Williams Bunglehouse Gray. This is one of the historical colors, so it doesn't have a lighter version. We would likely have them lighten it up a bit when they mixed it.

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan. It's neutral and I don't hate it.

Sherwin Williams Favorite Tan. Looks great with Oyster Bay and I love the darker version, High Tea, which we would probably use in the dining room.

What do you think? Gray? Beige? Greige? Screw it all and go live on the beach in Hawaii?