Monday, September 7, 2009

Bedding changes

Today, I got confirmation from Brett that it was time for some shopping. We knew that as hot as blue gray is right now, we need to strike while the iron is hot, and replace our bedding. He got the ball rolling with the Tomas O'Brien Pewter Blossoms duvet cover for my birthday. Since then, we've been using our old blue quilt, and covering up the hole I burned in it, thanks to our vacuum cleaner and some poor planning on my part. The blue, while pretty, didn't really match the walls or the new duvet cover. So it was just a matter of time until it needed to be replaced.

So this morning I drove all over creation, and got some shams to match the duvet cover, a new quilt plus some shams to match it, and throw pillows. The room just looks so much more adult and put together. Awwww, we're growing up!

I set out with a very tonal look in mind. I found a quilt that would work with that look by Nicole Miller. It was really the perfect color, but it had :gulp: scalloped edges. That's just not going to work in our bedroom. I'd always thought of Nicole Miller as very modern, so I don't know what they were thinking. Then, I found a beautiful, slightly shimmery taupe in a great geometric pattern. It looked great with the paint swatch and the Pewter Blossom sham, but they didn't have a king! So I drove across town to another location and found it! I also picked up some toss pillows, including the very sparkly, way too expensive one in the front. I do love it though. It's so shiiiiiiiny!

Even that cats love it!

Along the way, I also picked up a little treat for Brett. He loves the look of natural wood, and I'm always getting onto him about throwing his keys and stuff all over the dresser. So I picked him up this natural wood tray. Now he'll always know where his keys are, and he won't have to listen to me nagging about them scratching the furniture!

Now, I'm on the hunt for lamps and art. There are front runners of course, but at $60 apiece for the lamps, and over $200 to frame the art, we're on the lookout for better or cheaper (or both?) options.