Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm posting it here

Because maybe then I'll actually do it.

This weekend I will FINISH the master bedroom painting. And I will try my dead level darnedest to convince my husband to let me spend the money to get it to a point I can call done. I figure I'm about $300 away from that, but I may be in denial about how much I need to spend to replace the silk quilt I burned a giant hole in with the vacuum cleaner.

The last few weeks have seen little to no improvement activities in the Clueless household. I was getting sick every day up until the day of my surgery two weeks ago. And then they reached in my belly and pulled out my gallbladder and made the sickness go away. I'm in awe of how quickly this surgery turned things around for me and my digestive system.

But the surgery itself? Hit me like eight tons of bricks. If you're having any surgery, yes, even laproscopic, DON'T LISTEN TO THE CRAZY PEOPLE. There will be loonies who tell you they could have gone back to work the same day, and they rode a bike around the block the day after. THOSE PEOPLE SHOULD BE CHECKED INTO A MENTAL INSTITUTION FOR THEIR OWN SAKE. I couldn't get up to go to the bathroom without help until day three. And I just came back to work Monday. It still hurts to cough, laugh, or hiccup, but I'm on Advil around the clock, and I'm enjoying my new ability to lay on my stomach after two weeks of being trapped on my back. The next milestone is being able to button my pants once my last incision heals! Most of all, I'm enjoying my ability to eat normal foods without getting sick.

We've made plans to start Operation: Get Fit once I exit "recovery." I'll post a bit about that I'm sure, but hopefully once I'm feeling better physically, we'll get back into the swing of things in the house. Next on our list is rebuilding the sunroom. That's been pushed back a little further since our neighbors found termites in their flower bed last week, and we dropped $500 on a preventative treatment (see, we have done something house related!).

I'm excited for the sunroom redo. We're keeping the existing windows, but we're going to reframe everything, get a new door, paint the siding a soft ivory-green (the walls used to be exterior walls, and they're the old wood siding in a blue gray), put beadboard on the ceiling and get a new ceiling fan. I would love to paint the floors, or even put down tile or brick pavers, but my husband, bless him, loves the (badly) painted brick-patterned floor. Once all that's done, I'd like to get a new futon cover, paint the futon arms and a nightstand we've recently moved out there (off white, most likely), give the rug a good cleaning, and paint the patio chairs a fun color. Then I'll just need bird themed accessories, pillows, and fun stuff like that and the sunroom will be a great haven for us and not just the room between us and the carport!

Here's what we're working with now:

Cute, right? It's really not bad, but there are some water issues with the framing under the windows. And we'd really prefer it if the room was waterproof.

Here is my inspiration board for the sunroom. I already have the adorable owl lantern (Pier One) and I just bought a dark gray Owl Piggy bank (Target) that is in our living room for now, but will eventually live out it's days in the sunroom. We also need storage for our dirty shoes, cat food and litter, and various other stuff we don't really want in the main part of the house.