Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dreaming Big: The Living Room

We have an open living room and dining room, making it by far the biggest room in our house. We love all the space, but the layout makes placing a couch and a TV in a way that makes sense kind of difficult. We've currently got a catty corner kind of position going on, but we know there's a better use of the space.

We can't wait to get our hands on this room, but the list is long, and expensive. I'm convinced we're the last people in America without a flat screen TV (please, someone tell me I'm wrong, I need ammo to combat the "Oooh, pretty" feeling I get every time I walk past one). We need to replace our worn out, less than two years old couch (F you, Haverty's), we need side tables, a new entertainment center, a console table, a new rug, it just goes on and on. Not to mention, I'm desperate to get a more modern dining room set, and if we're doing the living room, we might as well do the attached dining room too, right?

But dangit, we're quickly growing tired of the beige walls with the beige floor and the yellowish-beige couch. Can you tell I'm not a fan of beige? Greige, yes! Beige, no! I hope there's not a speck of beige in my house when we're done.

So we come to our big dreams. I dream of a couch that makes sense in a configuration other than diagonally across the room. I dream of a flat screen television mounted above the fireplace. I dream of a bold color on the fireplace, with a small section of glass mosaic tiles. I dream of a new, cushy rug, and pretty throw pillows, and a console table with a chunky mirror above it on the stairs.

This is what we're working with. It's serviceable, sure, but it could be so much better.

This is my inspiration. I'd love neutral greige walls with a nice bronze on the fireplace, with modern furniture and accents and some pops of blue, green, and yellow.